What we can offer to you:

Are you an established Company or Writer?

Do you need help managing your blog or social media?

Or do you need help developing your next book?

We will set up an appointment to go over your needs

and assist you in any way we can.

Send us an email to get started with your consultation today.

Do you have the desire to self publish but don’t know where to start?

Do you need help setting up accounts, social media pages, and building your brand as a writer?

We can help you with that!

You will not have to pay us for publishing with this program,

online for services rendered and time spent coaching.

You do all the publishing yourself!

Do you want more assistance with publishing and marketing?

Do you want to publish your works under our name?

This is where hybrid publishing comes into play, it is a little bit of self publishing

and traditional publishing all tied into one!

You only pay for services and time rendered and when you make sales if you are

published under our name. Best part about our company?

You retain the rights to your work no matter which avenue you choose.

Online Magazine to promote artists, writers, & photographers alike.

We will be putting these out quarterly so as not to bog down our limited staff.

Please make sure you send all submissions to the magazine to

our email or to our Facebook page for review.

There will be contests and nominations from time to time

with at the end of the year the artist, writer, & photographer

with the most nominations receiving our Hazel Award.

Create a website or blog at